liz's bio


Hello, Liz Morphis here.  I sing Jazz!  (And Blues, and R&B, and Rock & Roll, especially Glam Rock, and a little Loretta Lynn every now and then.)  I was born in Northeast Louisiana, and  I moved to East Texas in Junior High School.  I've been in Austin for fourteen years now, and the more I live here, the more I love it.

The first band I was ever in was called The Alternators.  We performed loud, rocking Blues, and my friends and band mates Kevin Lincoln and Adam Bailey introduced me to the genre and its artists.  When The Alternators broke down, my Blues band became Morphis.  Over the years, Morphis were comprised of Rigel Thurston, Andy MacIntire, Tony DiTullio, Jeramie Anderson, Phillip Owen...we played places like 311 and Friends, Momo's and the Old Alligator Grill.  Swing dancers came and swung.  We performed covers and originals.

Alas, Morphis disbanded, and my fun, "on the side" Jazz gig at Thai Spice became our main thing.  Phillip remained with me on guitar, and the new style intrigued and excited him.  Chef Opart Udomsatapol got his own place in North Austin called Ka-Prow, and asked us to play for him every Friday.  Now, you can catch me at joints like Eddie V's, Evangeline Cafe, the Elephant Room...and so many more!  I'm looking forward to singing at even more places. 

How do I describe my voice?  Hmmm...I'm a middle-type alto, and the Blues influence is evident often.  I am sultry and soulful on standards like "Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't," and "Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You," and playful and funny on tunes like "Dinah" and "Straighten Up and Fly Right."  Come listen!

We do Jazz standards, old favorites, R&B hits, and more.  You can definitely dance to us!  Our repertoire is only growing.  This is so much fun, this music thing.  I am fortunate beyond belief to be able to perform for Austin!  I'd love to see more and more people at our shows.  Thanks for reading!